Equestrian Covers & Riding Arenas

All-year riding is possible with an equestrian arena or massive clear span cover that is custom designed to suit your property. Whether you are a private rider or own a large scale school with lots of horses and students, we will create a structure that delivers the appropriate cover.

Our steel covers and sheds are manufactured using BlueScope Steel and feature GALVSPAN® cold-rolled structural steel sections. Cladding options include durable ZINCALUME® sheeting or coated COLORBOND® steel sheeting. Our pre-engineering has also been certified by ShedSafe, meeting the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

Massive Clear Spans covers

With our pre-engineered design software, THE Shed Company outlets can quickly and easily design equestrian arenas with clear spans up to 30 metres. If you need an even larger covered space, we can work with one of our partner companies to custom design and engineer massive open spans to 45 metres.

Fully Open Riding Arenas

A fully open or roof only structure may be the ideal solution for your site if you just need cover over head. Make sure you consider the combined height of your horses and riders, plus the additional height needed for dressage and jumping activities.

Another consideration you need to make, is to allow for any knee-braces that will be included for structural support on larger structures. Calculate your total required covered space to suit your riders, and then our expert designers will then create a cover that delivers this.

Enclosed Equestrian Arenas

The header sheeting can be extended to deliver slightly more protection for your horses and riders. If you need complete defense against the weather one or more walls can be fully clad. On fully enclosed structures, a range of doors and openings can be integrated.

Awnings for Additional Space

Awnings added to one or both sides can work to extend the cover even further. We have worked with clients in the past who integrate covered holding pens along the perimeter of the cover, via awnings.

THE Shed Company are equestrian arena experts due to our ability to custom design massive clear span structures. Call 1800 821 033 for a quote today or submit your project information via our Quote Request page

Equine Horse Riding Arena with horse stall fitout Equine Horse Riding Arena Roof only cover Equine Horse Riding Arena with colorbond roof Equine Horse Riding Arena BlueScope steel Equine Horse Riding Arena

Open Arenas / Covers

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