Tough Garden Sheds

Our tough garden sheds have been manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian climate conditions. The toughest performing garden sheds on the market, these sheds can withstand high winds through added reinforcement in design.

Truss Roof Sheds

Truss roof sheds offer additional reinforcement in the roof for those seeking a slightly tougher and larger shed than what is available in the lifestyle range. The added roof strength permits larger shed sizes with lots of room for storage of household items, bikes, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, and all of your tools and garden equipment.

The truss gable roof models have potential spans from 2.25m up to 3.75m and lengths from 4.50m to 7.50m. If you are looking for this same look, but a smaller size, the standard gable roof models might be suitable.

Cyclonic Garden Sheds

Cyclonic garden sheds are built tough to suit those living in Region D Category 2 Cyclonic regions. They also can work to withstand severe ice, snow and heat conditions. Potential cyclonic garden shed spans range from 1.50m to 2.25m with lengths up to 3.00m.

DIY Garden Shed assembly

Our tough garden sheds are available in both colour and zinc, and are super easy to assemble. With all components and the instruction manual provided in the flat packed carton/s, you are ready to get going with a few common tools. We have some videos you can also watch to help you get started. This is a great weekend project for you and your friends or children. 

All garden sheds are available in a range of sizes, lengths, heights and spans so touch base with your nearest THE Shed Company outlet for a quote. You can call 1800 821 033 to be connected with your nearest store, or alternatively use our store search feature for local store contact details. 

Garden Sheds 0010 ESY L TRUSS 0404E 180 ST Garden Sheds 0009 ESY L TRUSS 0406E 180 TR Garden Sheds 0008 ESY L TRUSS 0408E 180 MG Garden Sheds 0007 ESY L TRUSS 0410E 180 TB Garden Sheds 0006 ESY L TRUSS 0411E 180 SC Garden Sheds 0005 ESY L TRUSS 0500E 180 TR Garden Sheds 0003 ESY L TRUSS 0503E 180 BI Garden Sheds 0004 ESY L TRUSS 0502E 180 IG

Truss Roof Garden Shed

Span:2.25m - 3.75m m Length:4.50m - 7.50m m Height:2.05m - 2.40m m
1800 821 033 Quote Request
STORM 2.25x1.5 SG

Cyclonic Garden Shed

Span:1.50m - 2.25m m Length:2.25m - 3.00m m Height:1.97m - 2.05m m
1800 821 033 Quote Request

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