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Benefits of Vent-A-Roof®

  26 Mar 2024 10:00 am

Roof ventilation has become increasingly important to maintain high health and safety standards in Australian buildings.

When designing a shed with The Shed Company, it is important to consider our roof ventilation options. Effective ventilation lowers your shed's temperature, enhancing comfort and reducing condensation-related issues. The Shed Company offers Vent-A-Roof® – the latest roof ventilation technology for metal roofing, offering a range of game-changing benefits:

Increases Airflow & Balances Air Temperature

Vent-A-Roof® works to improve airflow and help balance the air temperature inside your shed. It brings the interior temperatures closer to the external ambient temperature, making a more comfortable environment inside your structure.

Energy Efficient & Cost Effective

Vent-A-Roof® is energy efficient & cost effective as it can reduce the need for cooling or heating systems within the shed, minimising electricity and maintenance costs. 

No Need for Whirly Birds

With Vent-A-Roof®, there’s no need for whirlybirds, no moving parts that create noise and no need to penetrate the roof. This minimises the possibility of water leaks (when installed correctly). For every 2.5 meters of Vent-A-Roof® you will receive the equivalent extraction of 1 whirly bird. That's the equivalent of 4 whirly birds for every 10 meters in length!

Waterproof, Cyclone Rated, and Bushfire Rated

Once installed, Vent-A-Roof® doesn’t require any maintenance or special considerations during weather events. The system has a built-in closed cell waterproofing foam that has been tested to 177kph wind driven rain and passed with flawless results. It is Certified for all wind categories in Australia: A, B, C and D and is BAL 12.5-40 compliant.


Vent-A-Roof® is invisible to naked eye, particularly from ground level unlike Whirly Birds which are a bulky spinning unit installed on top of roof at highest point. The Vent-A-Roof® louvre is concealed under the ridge capping for an architectural look using traditional ridge capping designs. It is also offered in all Colorbond® colours, allowing seamless coordination with your chosen roof colour for your shed.

Overall, it is important to consider a roof ventilation option like Vent-A-Roof® for your shed as optimal ventilation ensures a healthier environment and preserves belongings. Excess moisture from stagnant air can lead to mould growth, potentially damaging stored items.

Considering a shed with Vent-A-Roof®? Contact your local store today to chat more about our ventilation options for your shed design.


Disclaimer: Information is correct as at time of publishing. For the latest information please contact us.

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