Cyclonic Building Design

Extreme pressure from fluctuating wind loads, typical to cyclonic weather patterns, causes additional fatigue in building materials. To counteract these fluctuating pressure systems, a number of additional factors must be considered when designing steel sheds.

THE Shed Company offers site specific engineering and is ShedSafe accredited, meaning our pre-engineering aligns with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. This means that we can design steel sheds to suit cyclonic wind regions.

Cyclonic Building Checklist

When getting quotes and designs for steel sheds in cyclonic areas, make sure your supplier offers:

  • Site specific engineering that designs to the conditions on your site (not just your wider region)
  • Fully bolted frames
  • Z-purlins and girts with decreased spacing and using cleats (not top hats)
  • Purlins and girts with a minimum overlap of 10% of the bay width
  • Metal roofing systems that have undergone standardised low-high-low cycle tests
  • 0.47 TCT (Total Coat Thickness) sheeting for roof and walls
  • Class 4 roof screws plus cyclonic washers
  • Building designs to +0.7 CPI (Internal Pressure Coefficient)
  • Roller doors with certified wind lock kits

Some other typical design considerations for cyclonic buildings are:

  • Most cyclonic areas demand a Terrain Category of 2.5
  • Shielding factor should nearly always be 1.0
  • Importance Level should be a minimum of 2

Weight of Your Shed

Lastly, remember to check the weight of the building you are comparing. If you find a large discrepancy in price it is more than likely to do with the mass of steel in the building.

Nothing is more expensive than a building that falls over, becomes a hazard to your property, and endangers life. Don’t just go with the cheapest price that is on your quote, make sure you understand why different suppliers have different prices.

Should you have any questions about cyclonic building design parameters or understanding the pricing in your quote, please do not hesitate to contact your local store.