Aircraft Hangars

Our custom designed aircraft hangar sheds and structures are available in an extensive range of sizes and layouts. With the ability to alter dimensions in 100mm increments plus a range of opening systems being available, our local teams can design your unique aircraft storage facility.

Access Points

Depending on the clear span required we can offer a range of opening systems. Large bottom rolling steel sliding doors are simple to operate and are available in a variety of designs. Other options include round-the-corner panel sliding doors and large steel sliding doors to create the entry points you require . Alternatively, we can even design sheds that have both gable ends open for clear drive through access, which is great for rural properties with lots of space.

The specific door opening you require will need to be discussed with your local store, who can make recommendations on local suppliers who can assist in your region.

Strong Steel & Components

Our sheds are manufactured using BlueScope Steel and feature cold-rolled structural steel sections. We offer high tensile steel cladding in ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel options with three profile choices.

Site Specific Engineering

From terrain and topography to shielding elements and wind factors, every site is different. At THE Shed Company, our engineering takes into account the unique properties of your site, with all of our portal frame sheds designed to incorporate site specific engineering. This means we’re able to deliver structures that are adequately engineered to withstand your site’s conditions.

Whether your flying habits demand small aircraft hangars, double sliding door aircraft hangars or multiple access aircraft hangars, your local team from THE Shed Company can assist.

Design options and entry points are almost as diverse as the aircraft that fill them. Call 1800 821 033 for a custom quote today. Alternatively, you can begin the process by submitting your project information via our Quote Request form

Aircraft hangar with concertina doors half open Aircraft hangar with closed concertina doors Colorbond aircraft hangar with concertina doors Aircraft hangar with concertina doors inside view Aircraft hangar with concertina doors rear gable end Aircraft in hangar with concertina doors
Aircraft with large steel sliding doors Aircraft in hangar shed

Hangar with Sliding Doors

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