Double Garages

Domestic garages deliver lots of space to protect vehicles as well as your tools. For those with two cars, bikes, boats, caravan or a combination of all three, a double lock-up offers the ideal storage solution.

THE Shed Company customises double garages for clients across Australia. We can work with sites in all wind regions, including high wind cyclonic areas. We conduct site specific engineering on every project and adapt our designs to suit the conditions of your site. The result is a double garage that is really strong and will deliver value for your home for years to come. Our pre-engineering is also ShedSafe accredited, which means it meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

The height, span, length and bay sizes of your new garage are dictated by you! Consider the size of the vehicles that you own now, and want to own in the future, so our teams can deliver the covered space and access points you need. A range of extras including ventilators, insulation, windows and skylights can be added to increase year-round comfort.

Double Garage Roller Doors

Double garages can feature either two standard roller doors, or an extra wide single door. Our range of roller doors come in a variety of sizes and the full range of COLORBOND® steel colours so you can either match existing cladding, or allow it to stand out as a feature. To enhance access in all weather, remote controlled motors can be added to the drums. Personal access doors can also be added for foot traffic.

Skillion or Gable Roof 

Our traditional gable roof is available in a variety of pitches, which allows us to match the double garage to your home. For those wanting to add a modern edge to their property, the skillion roof is available. You can choose to have the mono-pitch of the skillion run across the length or span of the building.

THE Shed Company outlets deliver a full-service from the design of your new COLORBOND® garage right through to assisting with Council approvals and installation. Our local teams are experts in their local region and will work to ensure you have a great looking garage that meets your storage needs.

Call 1800 821 033 to be connected with your nearest store, or alternatively send your project information through via our Quote Request page

Corrugated cladding on double garage Double garage with horizontal corrodek cladding Double garage with extra wide roller door Colorbond double garage with wide roller door Extra wide door double garage with added storage

Double Garage with Large Roller Door

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double colorbond steel garage with twin rollers Double gable roof garage with twin rollers Double garage with twin roof ventilators Double colorbond garage with twin rollers Double garage with red roller doors Twin door double garage

Double Garage with Twin Roller Doors

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Double Garage with skillion roof Double Garage with Skillion Roof rollers on both ends Large double skillion garage

Skillion Roof Double Garage

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Double garage with twin doors and extra storage Double cream colorbond garage with doors along length Green colorbond double garage with twin doors on length Large double garage with twin doors on length

Double Garage with Doors on Length

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Double colorbond garage with awning Double residential garage with added awning Double garage with awning twin roller doors Awning added to double garage Double garage with wide awning

Double Garage with Awning

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