Garaports & Awnings

Our steel garage range can be altered to create even more covered space for protecting your vehicles, boats or caravans. This can be done by converting your single, double, triple or larger garage into a garaport or by adding an awning onto one or both sides.

Garaports with Open Bays

A garaport can be achieved by extending the gable end of a shed. Typically the garaport section features open bays however you can opt to extend the header sheeting for enhance weatherproofing. Garaport extensions can be added to one or both ends of a shed.

Any number of bays can be added to provide the depth of this ‘carport’ section when accessing it from the gable end. For sheds where roller door access is along the length, each carport bay can be entered from the side.

Add a Skillion Awning

Although not technically a garaport, skillion awnings provide a supplementary way to extend the covered space along the length of the building. Awnings can be added to one or both sides of the shed, with variable awning widths possible. Awnings can even be added onto garaports with an extended gable end. Check out the pages dedicated to single garages, double garages and triple garages for more inspiration on adding awnings.

Custom Designed Garaports

Garaport sheds are able to be customised just like all of our portal frame sheds. You can choose a variety of roller doors, personal access doors, ventilation, insulation, internal walls and skylight sheeting. The full range of COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® sheeting is available for cladding, and we can adjust dimensions in 100mm increments.

For a versatile garaport with functional access points, call 1800 821 033 or submit your project information via our Quote Request form. We design and supply garaports for all regions in Australia. 

Single garaport Single garage with roof extension Single garage with garaport extension and gable infill
Double bay garaport Double garaport extension on enclosed shed Double garaport with awning added Double garaport with gable infill Garaport and awning on double garage Twin car garaport shed Double garage with garaport for caravan cover
Large twin bay shed with open garaport extension Large workshop shed with garaport extension Workshop shed with garaport extensions on both ends Garage and workshop with garaport extension

Workshop with Garaport Extension

1800 821 033 Quote Request
Garage with twin awnings Twin door double garage with awning Awning added to workshop shed Awning cover added to workshop

Garage with Awning

1800 821 033 Quote Request

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