Farm Sheds

THE Shed Company’s farm shed range is designed to suit the man on the land. We supply and install large custom built BlueScope Steel farm and machinery sheds in remote locations. We know we can create the right shed for you as we offer large open clear spans, extra wide bays and massive lengths.

Custom Rural Sheds

THE Shed Company knows that every farm across Australia is different, with its own unique requirements. This is why we offer super strong and customised farm shed designs along with installation. We engineer our sheds to suit your site, taking into consideration criteria such as wind region, topography, terrain and shielding. 

We also have an extensive range of extras that can be worked into the design. Internal walls can section off bays while secure lock up sections offer added security. With a variety of roller doors, steel sliding doors and personal access doors we can provide the access points you need. For increased efficiency, motors can be added to roller doors. Mezzanine flooring can lift hay or feed off the ground and when additional ventilation is required, roof ventilators can be added.

Open Front Machinery Sheds

Large machinery and equipment requires either an open gable end shed or wide bays along an open front shed. We have the ability to create 6 metre wide bays, extra wide 12 metre openings via beam overs or 30 metre clear spans across the shed. Make sure you know the dimensions of your equipment before the design commences on your shed so our local teams can ensure the building will be perfect.

Multi-Purpose Farm Sheds

Many of our clients need multi-purpose rural sheds. This is no problem at all with our flexible shed design software. Beyond adjusting the height, span and length of your shed, combinations of open and enclosed bays and layouts are possible.

Regardless of whether you are in agriculture, horticulture or livestock we will apply our super strong farm shed designs to deliver value and functionality for your rural operation. Call 1800 821 033 or submit your project information via our Quote Request page.

Open front farm shed with beamover openings Open front farm shed for hay storage Open front farm shed with four bays Open front zincalume farm shed Open front tractor shed Internal view of open front farm shed

Open Front Farm Sheds

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Open gable end shed clear access Clear through access gable end open shed Open gable end farm shed with extra wall sheeting Small open gable end shed Open front and open gable end farm sheds

Gable End Farm Sheds

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Farm shed with lock up bay Open front farm shed with lock up bay Open front farm shed with twin lock up garages Open front farm shed with two garage bays Colorbond farm shed with two lock up bays Farm shed with 3 open and 1 enclosed bay

Open Farm Shed with Lock-Up Bays

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Beamover on open front farm shed Open front farm shed with beamover Farm shed with extra wide bay

Open Front Farm Shed with Extra Wide Bays

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