Commercial Covers

THE Shed Company can design roof only structures in addition to fully enclosed sheds. Covers use our portal frame system as the foundation and are based on all of the same design principles as our steel sheds. The roof only structures are simply normal sheds with the walls removed!

Custom Designed Covers

Your local design specialist from THE Shed Company will work with you to firstly determine the available space on your site and what you intend to use the cover for. Both of these aspects will dictate the length, span and height of the structure.

Site specific criteria like topography, shielding and wind classifications will all be factored into the building design. This may influence the maximum size or height of your roof only structure that is possible on your site. Based on these influencing factors, the engineering will then be tailored exactly to suit. We aim to neither over or under engineer our sheds, so that you have the most efficient building design possible.

Extended Header Sheeting

If you need slightly more protection from the weather, you have the option to extend the header sheeting. This will result in sheeting being applied to the gable infill and also along the top edge near the gutters. The depth of the header sheeting is also in your hands. For clients requiring maximum cover, you can even choose to clad whole walls with sheeting.

Achieve More Cover through Awnings

Awnings can be added to either gutter side to provide even more covered space, if require. The widths can be adjusted, along with the low-side height to suit what you need to drive in.

Commercial Cover roof only with skylight sheets Commercial Cover extra height Commercial Cover large clear span with skylights Commercial Cover with extended header sheeting and gable infill Commecial roof only cover at a school Commercial Cover next to large workshop shed

Roof Only Commercial Covers

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Commercial Cover with gable end wall and awning Commercial Cover specialied building design Commercial Cover with open gable ends

Commercial Cover with Partial Walls

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