TSC Commercial Cover

Commercial Covers

If you’re after a structure with a roof only, then The Shed Company has the solution for you with our custom-designed commercial covers. With our site-specific engineering, our experienced team of professionals will work with you to understand your requirements and create the perfect cover for your space.

We’ll take into consideration a number of factors such as topography, shielding and wind classifications when designing your cover. Our customisable range of covers can include:

  • Extended Header Sheeting
  • Awnings
  • Commercial Cover With Partial Cover
  • Roof Only Covers

At The Shed Company, you can have confidence knowing that your investment will be protected as our buildings are covered by up to a 20-year warranty.

Our Product Range

Roof Only Commercial Covers

Roof Only Commercial Covers

Commercial Cover with Partial Walls

Commercial Cover with Partial Walls

Technical Specs

Our Commercial Covers use our portal frame system as the foundation and are based on all of the same design principles as our steel sheds. The roof only structures are simply normal sheds with the walls removed!

To ensure strength and durability, our steel buildings are made from premium high tensile BlueScope® Steel products. To form a strong foundation, our footing brackets are galvanised and our framing is GALVASPAN® steel which is pressure rated to 450MPa.

Depending on the location of your site, the wind speeds of the region will need to be considered to ensure structural integrity. Our range of purlin options vary in size and strength from c150s to c350s. If additional strength is required to meet engineering standards we can also add back to back c-sections.

Our Process

Making the right decision when choosing your cover solution can be confusing. There are many factors to consider, so we have created a simple 3-step approach:

Step 1: We use our proprietary 3D design software to not only help visualise how your structure will look but also to optimise material usage. Our steel buildings are made to order, which means we can minimise wastage to save you money.

Step 2: Once you’ve given the design your tick of approval, our team will assist you by providing the technical information you will need in your application for Council approval.*

Step 3: Now that you have the necessary permits our team can take care of the rest! If for whatever reason you’re not happy with something, we won’t be happy either, which is why we offer marketing-leading after-sales support to ensure our team resolve any issues and you are happy with the outcome.

 *We do not arrange Council approvals.

Optional Extras

We also offer a couple of additional options to enhance your cover:

  • Extended header sheeting will slightly more protection from the weather.
  • Awnings can be added to either gutter side to provide even more covered space.

Prices & Sizes

The pricing for your commercial cover will depend on a range of factors. With the best in-class service, we want to help you create a building perfectly suited to your requirements. At The Shed Company, we care about our customers and really take the time to understand what our customers want.

We would love to hear about your commercial cover requirements so get in touch today and we will have one of our local team members organise your site-specific quotation.



Your structure will be covered by up to a 20-year warranty, backed by BlueScope® Steel who are one of Australia’s leading steel companies.