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Garden Sheds Made From Quality Australian Steel

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No job too large (or small)

Garden Sheds Made From Quality Australian Steel

At THE Shed Company, our range of steel garden sheds deliver weatherproof storage solutions for your back or front yard. Generally smaller designs, these sheds can create that extra bit of space you need in your life to clean up your home or yard. Our range of garden sheds are manufactured from quality steel, and are available in various sizes and designs to suit your property.

With the choice of a flat, skillion, gable or truss roof, our team will work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs. Our range of garden sheds include:

  • Lifestyle garden sheds
  • Tough garden sheds
  • Compact garden sheds

We also have a small range of bird aviaries for those wanting to create a new home for their birds.

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Suitable For A Variety Of Spaces

Showcasing style, function and durability, our Lifestyle Garden Shed Range are designed to suit your backyard space and perform to your requirements. These sheds are perfect for all of your home lifestyle storage requirements including garden tools, hobby equipment, or kids' toys. Available in a range of heights, lengths and spans, and in more than 20 colours, you’re able to match the colour of your new garden shed to your existing home or landscape.

Tough Garden Sheds

Our tough garden sheds have been manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian climate. The toughest performing garden sheds on the market, these sheds can withstand high winds through added reinforcement in design. Truss roof sheds offer additional reinforcement in the roof for those seeking a slightly tougher and larger shed than what is available in the lifestyle range. The added roof strength permits larger shed sizes with lots of room for storage of household items, bikes, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, and all of your tools and garden equipment. The truss gable roof models have potential spans from 2.25m up to 3.75m and lengths from 4.50m to 7.50m.

Compact Garden Sheds

Are you tight on space? Our range of compact garden sheds maximises your storage capacity. With the ability to be attached to any wall, a compact garden shed is an ideal solution for small backyards, courtyard gardens, and inner city living where outdoor space is limited. These small and low cost compact sheds are great for those tight on space. With a span (width) of 0.78m, rear/high height of 1.95m and a number of different lengths, you will create a secure storage solution for your tools, bikes, garden equipment and kids toys.


Designed For High Wind Regions

We offer the highest wind-rated garden sheds on the market, such as the Storm Shed. These models are rated up to Region D Category 2 cyclonic conditions, withstanding maximum winds of 316km per hour. Cyclonic garden sheds are built tough to suit those living in Region D Category 2 Cyclonic regions. They also can work to withstand severe ice, snow and heat conditions. Potential cyclonic garden shed spans range from 1.50m to 2.25m with lengths up to 3.00m.

Additional Options

Depending on the exact design, your options may vary based on your wind region and required features. There are a number of additional options available including skylight sheeting, anchor pegs, etc. To find out all the available options, get in touch with your local team or request a quote online.

Prices and Sizes

As we partner with a number of garden shed providers, you’ll find that garden shed prices will vary based on your required design, location, and optional extras. To identify the best option for you, get in touch with your local store via our store locator, request a quote online, or call us on 1800 821 033.