Benefits of Steel Framed Homes

Steel frames have been used in residential houses since the 1940’s and a home with a 'heart' of steel is designed to stand the test of time. Steel framed homes deliver many benefits to the owner, including increased strength, resistance to termites and ease of construction.

Ultimate Strength

THE Shed Company is proud to use AusSteel Frames and Trusses across our building kits. When we were designing our range of kit homes we were adamant about retaining our high level of product quality. That is why we decided to use AusSteel’s TRUECORE® product.

The strength and durability of TRUECORE® steel provides structural integrity in all types of environments and conditions. From Australia’s cyclone-prone north, to the cold climate regions of the south and in bushland where fire is an ever present threat, steel is the material of choice for stud wall frames and roof trusses.

Steel Frames are Termite proof

Wall and roof framing made from TRUECORE® steel is 100 percent termite and borer proof. Because of this, the steel frames do not require additional chemical treatments to protect them from pest attack. TRUECORE® steel frames are also non-combustible, so using this product significantly reduces the amount of flammable material in a home.

Ease of Construction

TRUECORE® steel components are very strong and easy to handle. The components are precision cut with pre-punched holes for quick and easy installation of plumbing and electrical services. As it is a non-porous material, the components do not absorb water in wet weather whilst the construction process is happening. It is easy to fix internal linings and external claddings to steel frames and to fit internal fixtures.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel is 100% recyclable! Steel recycling programs reduce the solid waste stream, resulting in saved landfill space and the conservation of natural resources.

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