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Future-proof Your Shed with Solar Panel Engineering

  29 Feb 2024 7:00 am

In recent years, Australia has experienced a remarkable shift towards renewable energy. Tasmania is now sourcing 99.1% of its power from renewable sources with South Australia hot on their heels with an impressive 71.5%.

Solar energy has emerged as a primary player in this revolution, with panels adorning a higher percentage of rooftops both residential and commercial than in any other country.  

When customising your dream shed with The Shed Company, you can choose solar panel engineering for your structure.

Why consider solar panel engineering for your shed?


Solar panel installations impose additional weight and pressure on steel structures, including increased wind resistance. These additional demands are factored into the engineering analysis which ensures the long-term safety and functionality of both the structure and the solar installation.

Regulatory Adherence

Recent updates to the National Construction Code have seen local councils paying closer attention to buildings equipped with rooftop solar panels.

If you're considering this addition to your structure, it's imperative your shed’s design and engineering comply with Australian standards and building codes.  

It is now mandatory for Class seven (7) buildings to have the capacity for solar installations.  

Retrofitting Challenges

Even if immediate solar panel installation isn't on your agenda, we highly recommend integrating the engineering capacity for it into your shed's design.

Retrofitting post-construction may not be possible or can incur significant expenses. In some instances, structural changes to the building are required to accommodate the solar panels safely.

Opting for solar-ready engineering during the initial quoting phase typically incurs only marginal additional costs, proving far more economical and straightforward when it comes to the future retrofit of panels. This can also enhance the value of your asset for potential future buyers.

Insurance Compliance

We've noted a growing trend among insurance companies to scrutinise roofs retrofitted with solar panels. When claims are made, companies are looking for evidence the building was designed to handle the loads of the solar installation. Likewise solar installers now need to have proof/sign off the building was designed/can accommodate a solar installation.

Our Tip:

Be proactive in incorporating solar panel engineering in the initial design and quoting process, and you'll streamline any future approvals, insurance processes, and increase the value and safety of your asset.

Interested in incorporating solar panels into your building project? Contact us today to get a quote and chat to one of our shed specialists.


Disclaimer: Information is correct as at time of publishing. For the latest information please contact us.

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