Design Options

We customise all sheds and offer lots of design options from dimensions, roof type, cladding, sheeting profiles, insulation, ventilation, doors and windows. Below we provide an overview of the options that are available. Please note, that options possible in your building will be dependent on your site design criteria.

Cantilever Awnings

Need shade? This is the perfect solution to loading areas or other high traffic situations

Eave Extensions

Add form and function to your shed, providing increased weather protection above the opening and enhancing the overall look of your shed.

Height, Span and Length

The dimensions of your steel shed can be adjusted in 100mm increments.

Varied Bay Widths

We can adjust the width of your bays, create uneven bay widths across the shed plus extra wide openings up to 12 metres via beam overs. 

Gable Roof

The traditional gable roof is available in a variety of pitches allowing you to match existing buildings on your property. 

Skillion Roof

Adopt a skillion mono-pitch roof for a modern look. Nominate whether it runs across the length or span of the shed.

Sheeting Profiles

Options include Trimclad®, Metroclad® and Corrodek® (curved corrugate).  

Horizontal Corodek®

You can choose to position your curved Corodek® wall cladding horizontally for a premium finish.

Removal of Gutters

If approved by Council, gutters can be removed on sheds and garages. We can supply downpipes on request. 

Fibreglass Skylight

Enhance the natural light flow in your shed with fibreglass skylight roof sheeting (not available in cyclonic regions).

Roof Ventilation

Whirly Birds attached to the roof of your shed enhances airflow and the removal of hot air from the building. 


Roof and wall insulation is available, to slow down the movement of heat through the building materials in your shed. 

Roller Doors

Standard, extra-wide and industrial roller doors are available in a range of sizes. Choose from COLORBOND® steel colours or ZINCALUME®.

Motorised Roller Doors

Remote controlled roller door motors make life a whole lot easier when trying to access your shed. 

Windlock Roller Doors

Essential in high wind areas, these roller door locks provide greater security and safety.  

Personal Access Doors

Available in standard and deluxe models in all COLORBOND® steel colours, personal access doors can be added to any wall. 

Steel Sliding Doors

Sliding doors make best use of available height and openings for your shed. Great on rural sheds and garages allowing flexible access

Dividing Walls

Internal walls can be integrated into your building design to offer secure storage areas, or to provide you with a mixed-use building.

Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring is a great way to add extra storage space in your shed, garage or barn.  

Stable Boxes

Steel posts can be provided to create stable boxes for your horse stables.

Split Stable Doors

Split stable doors are available in two heights, to enhance airflow and comfort for your horses.

Fixing Methods

Various fixing methods are available including Chemset, U-Bolts or Column in Concrete. Depends on the structural requirements.