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Augmented Reality – Bring Your Shed to Life

  17 October 2017


There’s a first time for everything and THE Shed Company is excited to introduce you to the industry’s very first Augmented Reality (AR) App..

No longer do you have to wait eagerly to experience your shed until it’s built…as soon as you create your shed and get a quote, your local sales consultant will give you access to your shed in AR – meaning you can experience the colours, design and functionality up close and personal straight away!

The AR app was designed to give you the power to create and experience your dream shed, without having to wait for building to be underway. Our friendly sales consultants will take you through the process and offer guidance and advice wherever you require. It allows you to make educated decisions regarding the design, size, functionality and COLORBOND® colours used on your shed and ultimately gives you control over your building. Also, it’s a lot of fun!

How do I get my shed in AR?

  • Working with a dedicated consultant from your local Shed Company, you can design your ideal shed.
  • Once complete, your consultant will provide a custom-generated QR code that holds all details of your design.
  • We then scan your QR code using a smartphone or tablet and hover the device above an ‘anchor’ set up in store.
  • Using the app’s AR technology, your shed will appear above the anchor.
  • Now you have your shed in front of you, you are free to walk around to experience every angle and change materials, colours and other design elements.

  Contact your local store today to experience the magic of AR!

Promoting our Launch? Click here to Download Media Kit

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Disclaimer: Information is correct as at time of publishing. For the latest information please contact us.

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