THE Shed Company is an Award Winning Franchise System

30 May 2011

THE Shed Company was named as one of the top eight franchises in Australia in 2007 and 2009. It has continued to establish processes and a franchise system that ensures the building franchise gains tangible and achievable returns for investors.

Janet Hamilton, Founder of THE Shed Company, believes the establishment of a long term commitment between Franchisor and Franchisee can lead to successful working relationships.

“Our success has been built on the back of ensuring we offer a solid product base with wide consumer appeal,” Ms Hamilton said.

“Just as we tell our Franchisees to listen to customers, we listen to them.”

The run-on effects of this type of relationship extend to a proactive approach to marketing and ongoing support for business practices and customer relationships.

“I believe listening and learning from our front line operators while continually working towards improvements for product and service delivery, makes the system successful and ensures good returns for our Franchisees,” Ms Hamilton said.

THE Shed Company received the awards due to their commitment to continuously improve systems of operation and equipping every franchise location with a framework for customer service.

“The backbone of any successful business is customer satisfaction. THE Shed Company ensures that every aspect of the business keeps this in mind,” Ms Hamilton said.

“Our suppliers are constantly testing and evaluating new and existing building designs, materials and components to ensure their actual performance meets all requirements so that THE Shed Company remains the industry leader in product design and development.”

THE Shed Company spends as much time scoping out their potential franchisees as they expect them to, when delving into the details of their franchise system. Ms Hamilton says the combination of innovation and consistent communication is what sets THE Shed Company apart from the other 960 franchised brands in Australia.

“It’s important that potential franchisees set realistic goals for themselves and are willing to provide the work and commitment necessary to make any business successful. This coupled with proven systems such as ours delivers the correct formula for ongoing success.”

Disclaimer: Information is correct as at time of publishing. For the latest information please contact us.

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