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Unique to Your Backyard - Your Shed, Your Design

  29 June 2016

Site Specific Engineering involves a comprehensive site assessment to map out a building suited specifically to your property. This involves reviewing the design criteria of your site and the level of importance dictated by the planned use of your building. 

Design Criteria

Site specific engineering specifically looks at the following design criteria in relation to the exact location on your property where you plan to erect your shed:

  • Wind Region
  • Surrounding Terrain
  • Topography
  • Site Conditions

Why is Site Specific Engineering Important for Your Building?

A properly designed building ensures you the peace of mind that your property, those you value and your assets are safe and secure. At THE Shed Company, we design a unique steel structure for your backyard, no one else’s. Every single structural design of ours is reviewed by our trained engineering experts, before your plans and documentation are released to you. These can then be given to your local council to begin the approval process.

How do Topography and Wind Speed Affect my Shed Design?

Australia is divided into four main wind regions based on the maximum wind speed during peak storm activity. THE Shed Company can design for Region A and B sites as well as cyclonic-zoned Region C & D sites, where additional engineering is essential. Beyond the region classification for wind, we also drill down further to your site.  

A critical component in the design of your new shed, topography measures the profile of the earth. It covers the shape of your land and includes hills, mountains, rivers, creek beds and valleys, with these elements often contributing to wind speed variances. Designing to the lowlands, highlands and the mountainous areas of your site within your wider region, will ensure that your structure has the appropriate wind rating calculation to withstand a weather event.

How long can I expect this process to take?

THE Shed Company understands your time is precious therefore we pride ourselves in offering you a quick turnaround time. If you can confirm your exact site location at the time of quoting, you will have indicative pricing based on that specific site instantly. Our engineer covers off a second check, which is typically provided to you within 48 hours. 

Should you have any questions about site specific engineering, or any aspect of shed design, please do not hesitate to speak with our local store team by calling 1800 821 033.

Disclaimer: Information is correct as at time of publishing. For the latest information please contact us.

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