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Why ShedSafe?

  31 Jan 2024 10:00 am

When it comes to purchasing a shed, ensuring it's not only safe but also designed correctly is paramount. ShedSafe, managed by the Australian Steel Institute, serves as your assurance for a shed that meets stringent safety and design standards in Australia...

With ShedSafe You Have…

Certainty of Compliance:

The National Construction Code (NCC) sets the safety benchmark, yet not all sheds adhere to its requirements. ShedSafe, as a third-party compliance program, ensures your shed precisely conforms to the NCC. Neil Creek, National Manager of the AIS, emphasises, "ShedSafe being a third party compliance program means a consumer can have a high level of confidence in purchasing a shed that conforms with the National Construction Code."

Ensured Structural Integrity:

Looks can deceive. Even if a shed seems sturdy, correct design is essential for withstanding environmental forces. ShedSafe members undergo rigorous annual engineering audits by independent third-party engineers. Neil explains, "Site classification for sheds is often based on guess work by unqualified persons. ShedSafe site check program means the certifying engineer will review and certify the site classification to the code."

Increased Insurability:

Insurers look for assurance of a shed meeting the National Construction Code, which is what ShedSafe provides. Neil notes that, “Insurers may refuse a claim or make a reduced payout for non-complying sheds.”

Opportunity for Sustainability:

Beyond safety, ShedSafe and the Australian Steel Institute advocate for sheds that are 100% recyclable. Neil emphasises that the AIS is, "active in promoting the sustainability of steel products including conducting an awards program to showcase and celebrate sustainability in steel."

Your shed is an investment in safety, durability, and compliance. Don't settle for uncertainty. All sheds from The Shed Company are ShedSafe accredited. This guarantees that your shed is not just a structure but a safe and correctly designed space for your needs. Request a quote today and invest in peace of mind.


Disclaimer: Information is correct as at time of publishing. For the latest information please contact us.

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