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Our customer needed a large shed to showcase his huge collection of antiques and collectables.  We rose to the challenge and helped him into the ULTIMATE man cave!

Bill has been an antiques and collectables dealer for many years and along the way he picked up the bug for collecting himself.

With a variety of different collections including toys and figures, pinball and arcade machines, auto memorabilia and signs, retro and vintage video games and consoles and even a full size model train set!

Thanks to the building design and included insulation, this shed is remarkably comfortable inside even in the middle of summer.  All of Bill's prized possessions are kept at a reasonable temperature all year round so they won't be damaged by frost or heat and humidity.

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9m x 9m x 2.6m
3 Bays (each bay 3m)
4m (with enclosed bay)
Eaves, Glass Sliding Door & Window (2.1 x 1.8m), Roller Door (2.2m x 2.8m), Insulation

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