Project Details

This project was challenging but very rewarding for our North Brisbane team. To get this McNab commercial site up and running it took a total of 8 steel kits including commercial machinery sheds and covers. 

We limited the COLORBOND® colours to Basalt® on the walls, Surfmist® for the roof sheeting and utilised Night Sky® on the capping which framed each individual building beautifully.

A breakdown of each kit as follows:

Kit 1: open cover 6.2m x 6.2m x 2.7m

Kit 2: shed with 1 large roller door, 6.2m x 6.2m x 2.9m

Kit 3: large shed with 3 roller doors + 2 PA doors, 24.9m x 8.2m x 3.2m

Kit 4: small cover 6.65m x 2.5m x 3m 

Kit 5: extra tall machinery shed 12.2m x 4.4m x 5.2m gable roof & open both ends

Kit 6: tall cover 7m x 10m x 4.05m

Kit 7: garaport total 31.2m length 2 roller doors, 2 PA doors, 6th bay is open, width 10.2m & height 3.5m

Kit 8: extra large awning 28m x 16m x 5m 

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m x m x m
8 various steel kits
COLORBOND® Basalt® walls
COLORBOND® Surfmist® roof
COLORBOND® Night Sky® capping

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