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Our client came to us with the need to design a shed in his space limiting backyard and we jumped at the opportunity. Our client had a tiny little garden shed in the corner of his property and felt the space could of been better utilised! Now they have a giant storage shed in their backyard to store all of those necessary tools. 

This shed is a backyard boss sitting at a size of 7m x 6m x 3.92m, styled in COLORBOND Cove® and Woodland Grey®. To see how we optimised the space, check out the images below. 

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7m x 6m x 3.92m
Skillion Roof
Roller Door
PA Door
Walls, Roller Door, Corner Flashings, Opening Flashings and Personal Access Door in COLORBOND Cove®
Roof, Gutters and Gable End Capping in COLORBOND Woodland Grey®

Code: TBRN214011

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