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Sometimes, we just need a place to escape the busyness of our stress-filled lives, leave the city behind, and be surrounded by the beauty of nature. This is exactly what a young couple from Sydney wanted to do and they came to us looking for the perfect steel building as their hidden country escape.
This Hidden Escape with great views of the valley came with dimensions of 10m by 7m by 4m in Colorbond®'s trendy Monument®. It came with a load of extras like a metal sliding door, 2 RADs, insulated roof and walls with vermin proofing to keep those little critters out.

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7m x 10m x 4m
Skillion Roof low height 2.8m high side 4m
Corodek all over

Monument in colour all over
2 x RAD
1 x metal sliding door
Insulation roof and walls
Vermin proofing to keep the nasties out

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