Project Details

Take a bite out of this whopper of a shed! This project is definitely worth browsing through the pictures to take a closer look at the grandeur of this fantastic shed.

The dimensions of this whopper are 12m x 26m x 5m with a sleek Colorbond® combo of Evening Haze®, Surfmist® and Night Sky®. For an idea of price on a kit of this size, the indicative price is $49,620-$52,620*.

*(Price is an indication only as each shed is designed for a specific site).

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12m x 26m x 5m
Gable roof
5 x roller doors
Added Downpipes
Glass windows
2 x Roller doors
Colorbond® Evening Haze® Walls
Roof in Surfmist®
Finishings in Colorbond® Night Sky®