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The proud new owner of this stand out Zincalume® hay shed and workshop combo, was absolutely thrilled with how the project turned out.  This impressive structure stands at 14m x 9m x 4m H and has been fitted with a Mezzanine floor to allow for fantastic office views of the Melbourne North country side.

When we got into the specifics of his shed, Gerard was a fan of the modernised way THE Shed Company used Z purlins to add more grit to the shed, or as he would say "Beefy" if you were from the cattle world. Adding  windows and ventilators gave his shed more light and made it more inviting, combined with a 22.5 degree pitch and a barn style window, this shed sure does have character!

Gerard loves the Corodek Zincalume® finish and was so glad he chose to go with high quality Australian BlueScope Steel. He thanked THE Shed Company Kilmore for working with him to create this amazing shed design and was appreciative of their choice in a highly referred local Shed Builder; Accommodated Building Solutions.

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14m x 9m x 4m
Gable roof
22.5 degree pitch
2x Roller Doors
PA Doors
Mazzanine Floor
3x 4.67m Bays
Sliding Glass Windows
Finished in Corodek Zincalume®

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